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  1. Ok broke down and bought already 😂.. ps5 only got to play the Bahrain gp that is available while the rest of the game downloaded.. the adaptive triggers.. specifically braking are HUGE help on the controller.. ffb in general seems much improved. I felt like the game drove really well in very limited time (turn 10 still sucks). Can’t wait to start braking point soon as I’ve avoided all YouTube spoilers. The it will be on to myteam
  2. Got ya, that’s good to know… ps app really made it read like a PS4 port with minor upgrades… as far as 120fps, I’m still using a 60” 1080p led dinosaur I’ve had for like 9 years, really wanting to get a lg cx or c1 soon
  3. Thanks for the impressions specifically on the ps5. I am on the fence as to when to purchase the game on ps5, I’ll explain why and I think it may help address/give a hint at maybe answer why to some of your complaints. Looking at the game to purchase on the ps app, I don’t think there is an actually ps5 version… all it appears to be is the PS4 game with a some minor upgrades such as using the adaptive triggers and there are some things missing they didn’t boost (30fps highlights) who knows I may be completely wrong I haven’t played the game but I’m sure I will break down and get it soon.. just
  4. I can guarantee you there aren’t many Palestinian players simply because the estimates are around 5 million Palestinians total so if say 1% played this game that would be 50,000 and I’m guessing no where near 1% of any nationalities’ population plays this game (or most any game for that matter)
  5. What a stupid post. It’s a message board. When people ask questions you answer them quit whining because you disagree with my answer because of politics because my answer has nothing to do with politics. Because personally (I am an American for context) I believe Palestine should be recognized so I am by no means trying to be disrespectful to Palestine or Palestinians by saying the flag isn’t in the game because the nation isn’t recognized.
  6. He’s asking why the flag isn’t in the game. I am answering the question
  7. I’m not trying to say it’s right or wrong but the reason the Palestinian flag isn’t and won’t be in the game anytime soon because the UK, US, and most of the EU do not recognize Palestine as a country.
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