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  1. Changing engine suplier might be a good idea to be honest, see what happens next season. And yes, I am still on the same 10 season session, currently on season 5.
  2. Update: I reached August in my save session and this upgrade has filed to arrive. Again.
  3. It would make sense to me. It is indeed the fact that my engine already has all other upgrades, but it would be nice to know whether this is indeed intended or a bug after all. I was thinking that, if it was intended, there would have been an in game explanation or hint. I hope i can summon @PJTierney, surely he must know something about this.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I checked the intergrity of the game files (that is the only cache I know of, so if there is any other, please correct me). To your question, the answer is "no", I am not yet past August in my current season, I am barely in.. I think May, just before round 6/22 (Baku). This problem is very interesting because I haven't seen anyone else having it, and I have been paying attention to advanced playthroughs on Youtube, and they don't seem to be stuck at 22/23 on the PU side (in season 3 or 4 like I did). The same problem could have happened to m
  5. From Season 3 to 4, I had no regulations. This upgrade hasn't arrived in S4. Now I am in S5, and from S4 to S5 I had regulations, but nothing related to the power unit, just Aero and Durability TRs.
  6. I support this. I am not sure what the challenges are, but it would be fantastic. I am not sure if national anthems are licensed or can be used in games, this is a very interesting topic.
  7. I use 26, which is my birthday. I don't have a special number or a lucky number, so I went for the obvious. Initially I wanted to use 22, for it is my son's birthday, but Yuki happened.
  8. Hello, I have been searching for an answer for this for a while but I couldn't find anything conclusive. I am in the Season 5 of My Team Career mode and I have noticed that this final supplier upgrade never arrives. It hasn't arrived in S4 when it was supposed to arrive, nor in Season 3, and my Power Unit upgrades are sitting at 22/23. Any ideas? Is this a bug? Is there something I ought to know? I would really appreciate a hint. Cheers! Game version: Steam.
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