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  1. Does Dev Team planning to make Turkish Circuit on F1 2022 ? İt's a great circuit to race.
  2. Yes, and it was my last trophy 😂. Problem is, there is no proper way to track that trophy. You can't see what you did wrong. Or even if you didn't do anything wrong, you don't know that as well.
  3. Wow, great service for players who pre-order your game's Deluxe Edition. Just wait until launch day to download PS5 Version ... We know communicating with Sony isn't easy but I mean how hard can it be to tell Sony to discounted version should be both PS4/PS5 version not just PS4 ? Also why this even exist in the first place ? Nevermind. I'm sure nobody care the situation at both EA and Codemasters.
  4. I pre ordered Deluxe Edition from in-game store as well. It looks like we won’t be able to pre-load PS5 version of the game. I hope Codemaster will release a PS5 upgrade add to store when the game launches.
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