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  1. Hello, There are some wrong TeamId in F2 in the appendix and when chosing your own F1 car. Uni Virtuosi '20 has id 80, in the appendix it says 75 Hitech '20 has id 75, in the specification 80 Mp Motorsport '20 has id 77, in the appendix it says 76 Prema '20 has id 78, in the appendis it says 77 BWT '20 has id 76, in the appendix it says 79 Trident '20 has id 79, in the appendix it says 78. Also, in time trial, when you chose your personnalised F1 car, the m_myTeam boolean stays on 0 insead of 1, and TeamID is 104, which refers to nothing and is not me
  2. Hi Guys, There seem to be a strange issue with the "SSTA" event in Time Trial... The "SSTA" event is suppose to be sent at the start of the session although in time trial it is sent when you quit the session, just after the "SSEND" event.... Wich is a bit problematic when your app is waiting for the start event and receives it at the the end xD Thanks for the help, Regards Wolfgang
  3. Hello, I based the recording state of my app on wether or not I am receiving packets. The problem is that when I pause the game, it stops sending packets, just like you are quitting the session. I've tried to use m_gamePaused from the session message but it always seems to give me 0, when I pause the game, it never sends a session message with m_gamePaused = 1 . It just stops sending packets, so I can't tell if the game is just paused or not. Did I miss something? Thank you very much. Wolfgang
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