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  1. Jiggy

    2019 F1 Season Predictions

    1. Which teams will win races this year? Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Racing Point, Renault 2. What will be the best race result for Renault? 1st 3. Which team will score more points: Haas or Racing Point? Racing Point 4. Which driver will out-qualify his team mate most often? Kimi Raikkonen over Antonio Giovinazzi 5. Will Valtteri Bottas stay at Mercedes for 2020? No, I don't even think he's going to make it until the end of the season. 6. Which rookie will score the most points (including Giovinazzi)? Antonio Giovinazzi 7. Who will take the most pole positions? Sebastian Vettel 8. Who will be the first driver to be replaced or substituted for a race? Robert Kubica 9. And who will take their place? Esteban Ocon 10. Which driver will collect the most penalty points for driving infringements? Lance Stroll 11. Who will win the Monaco Grand Prix? Charles Leclerc 12. Who will crash out of the most races? Romain Grosjean 13. Which drivers will take their first podium this year? Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, Nico Hulkenberg 14: What will be the biggest driver market shock for 2020? Sebastian Vettel retires, gets replaced by Kimi Raikkonen. 15. At which race will the drivers’ championship be decided? Last one. 16. What will be the biggest political story of the year? Something with Vettel. Or Perez. Or the Rich Energy-owner doing something MAGA-ish by inviting Donald Trump to the paddock at Austin. 17. What will be the most entertaining race of the year? Canada. 18. Who will finish last in the constructors’ championship? Williams 19. Who will win the Driver's championship? Charles Leclerc 20. Who will win the Constructor's championship? Ferrari
  2. Jiggy

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    That's pretty optimistic, assuming we'll see actual Rich Energy-cans available for purchase in your local ASDA next to the Red Bulls this season, but go for it.