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  1. Pretty sad support...over a year no answer. People are still asking and none of them have an answer either. What's that tell you?
  2. I HATE Autosport!! Grid2 kicked butt because you could actually DRIVE the cars. In autospurt if you put on the brake it's ALL the way on and it makes you go straight!!! What is that about????? Go around a turn?? Yeah slow down to granny speed and you can while everyone passes your azz.....It sux
  3. I don't like it. I can't turn the cars unless i slow to a crawl Any of the ABS, Traction Control etc...make your car as slow as a turd. After just learning to get around a corner in Grid2, now I have to learn all over again and I guess becausse I'm a moron I can't figure out how to get a car around a corner amymore. I just about give up and wish i had my money back cause this is bad.
  4. Happened to me 4 or 5 times yesterday. You finish a segment in global challenges and then it can't connect to it again unless you quit the game and boot it back up. I also can not find any of the 4 videos I uploaded to my LINKED youtube account! What the 7734 is going on???
  5. Same here. I uploaded 4 different videos and NONE of them show up in my youtube. What's the deal? Can someone from crudmasters please let us know why? or fix it!!
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