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  1. Because George Russell asked for it and highly recommended it to Jost and the team at Williams. It's quite obvious to me that they take George's words very seriously and have full trust in his judgement.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIA_Formula_2_Championship
  3. Don't know what the rules are for promoting third page sites (Not my own page) but I highly recommend using this site if you are struggling to match up colors etc, just need the HEX code and the RGB numbers and viola https://formula1color.com/
  4. It's in your ingame mail inbox.
  5. Well well well, seems like Eddie Jordan finally managed to scrape up enough money to fire up a new season for Jordan 😛
  6. Did we need three posts with the same topic?
  7. The new tracks: Jeddah, Imola and Portimao will be added in a free update later on. Spain, Abu Dhabi and Australia will not be updated this year, because they would rather focus more on adding the three mentioned previously. That's what I have gathered thus far, and it might be wrong, so if anyone has more info please feel free to correct me
  8. Extremely passive aggressive tone there my dude. Having a wrong release date can throw people off, we all know how much people can miss.
  9. Podium pass is out, but you can not buy or use pitcoins until tonight, as you will get kicked out of the game (happened to me)
  10. Let me finish my lunch and I'll update you 😛 EDIT: Timer is still up.. that's annoying.. 😞
  11. You can download the addons as soon as the game launches tonight 🙂
  12. Haha, yeah it has. Gonna try to turn everything off for a minute or two and then try again 😛
  13. I really enjoyed it! Was scared the cars would be undriveable based on the various YouTube videos posted so far, but it felt really nice (No assists) I mostly played Braking Point so won't go into that much detail.
  14. Wow this is annoying. I was just in the game and after playing the last 90 minutes I got kicked from the game and now the timer is back up..
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