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  1. Hello. Since last patch there are a lot of problems with online sesions. Leagues are canceling their splits cause they cant make an race without problems. Players get disconected from sesions. There is also problem with synchronization. Players cant see each other. Do something about this cause since game was relesed there were problems but after last patch, we cant play online this game.
  2. Yeah but its quite anoying when i play carrer mode and when i do something in menu i have 50fps
  3. Hello. I got during the race around 120 fps but in main menu i have sometimes less them 50. Can i do something to improve FPS in main menu?
  4. Hello. I had game since 16.07 and i had no problems with game till today. When i start race, with every second im losing FPS. When i ALT+TAB game and back to game, the FPS comeback for a moment. When the FPS fall to 10 the game crush, Appers EGO dumper and sometimes it even shut down my PC. Any ideas how to fix it?
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