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  1. Is it known if these tracks will be incorporated into a full season schedule or just available for time trial or online? I mentioned this in the suggestion thread, but to repeat it here, would really like the ability to adjust the season schedule to my liking in either a 23 race or 20 race schedule. Also, to add in my two cents since I am thinking of it. I was left a little disappointed last year that there was no DLC when it came to tracks or even additional drivers. I know that this should be stated in the suggestion thread, but will Codemasters look into coming out with DLC for other tracks
  2. I do not recall this being an option available in the game or if this has been suggested before, but in light of the schedule changes that occurred last year and this year, the ability to adjust the season schedule would be a very nice feature. I would very much like to be able to add and/or remove certain tracks to a season schedule, more so in My Team mode. I think I speak for most F1 fans that the Paul Ricard circuit is a complete bore and I would most certainly like to replace that with perhaps Nurburgring or Hockenheim. Thanks
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