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  1. The way I do it is to accelerate time to the end of the session. This will take you back to the workstation, and at the bottom you can press the button that takes you into settings, and then select simulation settings, and this will allow you to change the AI setting. If you use the exit icon from the top menu, while in a session, it takes you straight to the next session. This is only for the FP sessions. I don`t know any way to change the setting between qualification, if doing the 3 sessions, as you don`t go back to the workstation.
  2. From my run at the F2 season, it seems to affect the chance to sign for a team based on your final position in F2. So if your last then anything over the bottom teams will be very low chance to sign, and if you win, all teams will be high chance. I was hoping that at the end you would get offers from teams, but that was a bit optimistic.
  3. I really like this new format. Was a bit boring doing all the tests in F1 2020. Now it shakes things up each race, and makes it a bit more interesting!
  4. China Shanghai is second on my season, after Bahrain. Abu Dhabi is always last!
  5. Yep, I got it as an option in my 2nd season! Only 20 race max though, so you will have to drop 1 of the other tracks.
  6. I`m disabled, and old, and my ability to use the menus for radio and info, while trying to stay on the tracks is really hard. I want to ask for some kind of option to pause, or maybe slow down, while trying to operate these menus. I`m playing on xbox X. That means that we don`t have the option to use voice command, for the radio. Pretty much, every time I try to use the radio, or select a new race strategy, it causes me to go off track or crash.
  7. Are you by chance skipping to the next session, by the door icon in the top menu? You can only choose quick practice, if you get back to the workstation, in between the sessions. The only way I know how to do it, is to accelerate time, to the end of the session.
  8. I got to my second season, and had a 20/16/10 option on season length, and had 21 tracks to choose from. China being the grey out track, so I dropped Monaco and took China instead. I really hate to drive Monaco. Love it in the real F1, but loath it to drive!
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