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  1. but thank you for the comment😁
  2. Oke, too little research🙃
  3. I think there should be a WEC (World Endurance Championship) game and who is better at racing games than codemasters, nobody! I hope codemasters listen to my request. Here are my ideas: Career: Start at the bottom of the stairs as a bronze driver at the GTE Am and progress until you are a platinum driver at the LMPH All 60 teams and classes Co-op Career With the same team switching stints (With certain classes with them 3's and some with them 2's)
  4. I think we need a WEC game. Please codemasters listen to this. We need a WEC game and codemaster is the best race game maker and got the title GRID, i think to give GRID a boost it needs to be a WEC game. GRID has already the GTE class for the game and need only the LMP1 and 2 class. The game needs a big make over more like the f1 game with a myteam. We need to futhers like lights on/off, wiphers on/off, Dynamic time and weather, refulling, tyers, and a window wash or the foil of the windows, repair, swap drivers and i hope dis is al be able to do. The races need to be 6 Hours of Spa-Francorc
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