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  1. Honestly, I think if they really wanted, they could EASILY produce a top tier damage model with millions of unique particles flying around and carbon fiber bits and the car being torn to pieces and looking completely destroyed, beam ng style, but unfortunately the sponsors are there so we will have that. And as of the tyres I think the problem is on console or playstation
  2. Well I mean, it's even worse now
  3. I found this video just now : and as the video shows, the damage model in the final release is completely different from the one shown in the beta version. I really wonder, why ?? It was one of the things most people were really excited about, a proper damage model is something the community is asking for, since forever, and for some reason you changed it back to how it was on F1 2020. Same goes for flat spots, it was there in the beta but not there in the final game. Why ? Just why ? Edit : Same channel, after patch video, still not like the beta build :
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