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  1. Other than playing in TV pod camera it doesn't look like much else is different, we were just over half way through a 50% race in Belgium. The original was 25% in Russia. Unfortunately my friend doesn't generally do the whole forum thing, but I'll ask him about it
  2. Cool, good to know. P1/Host - HGHS-BSJE-ERSG-BASC P2 - HTXB-DSJT-JKSG-BASC
  3. Sorry, we forgot to note them. Will they still be the same if we give them as is now in Holland or not?
  4. Literally just had this happen in Belgium, P1 - the host - totalled his car and my race ended and I was given a DNF as well.
  5. It's happened frequently on PS5 too. It seems to be more prevalent if you both end up retiring from one of the qualification rounds, then forces both players to watch the next round, this seems to be the case if you manually retire or have an issue/crash also. If you try and quit to main menu and go back in it often makes you play through the previous Q session again.
  6. On season 4 of two player career and season 1 of My Team, haven't had any fuel issues at all so far.
  7. This happened to me on PS5 at Monza QPnnTSuQqh4OJ634.mp4
  8. It seems to be working for us now a well on PS5. Also in our third season and seems to be all good on that front.
  9. I haven't been able to replicate it in Grand Prix mode as yet
  10. Yeah, took 4 attempts to post it for some weird reason. I'll give it a go with the same setup, with pit assist on
  11. Have only had the one race there in our career so far, but I'll have a look. Also I keep getting an error trying to reply to this
  12. No, we were both still connected and talking to each other. Same thing happened to him at the same time, although he was in 18th or 19th at the time
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