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  1. I also noticed this on the PS5. I had damaged wings, underbody or side pots without any damage being visible. I also saw in previews that tiny parts of the front wing etc are supposed to come off when damaged, I can't spot any of that. It pretty much looks like the old games really. So I'm not sure if this a bug or not. Feels like some parts of the game on the PS5 run in last-gen mode, like the mentioned damage model. But like you mentioned there are other inconsistencies like missing props. Or even the shadows on the rear wing when you look back just look really, really bad. Or...
  2. I can live with pretty much all of the current flaws. But please, give us a dark mode! That constant white background everywhere is killing my eyes. Especially when you switch between tabs and for a moment the whole TV is white is deadly at night. I also think they could have done a little better job with the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on the PS5. I actually had to turn rumble to 150% for it to become somewhat noticeable, but it's still not very strong. I also agree that MyTeam is a little disappointing. It's my favorite mode but it just feels.... The same. I'm also not
  3. Does anyone know, or can anyone test as soon as the game releases if the add-on content is also available on other psn accounts on the PS5? I'd love to buy the deluxe edition but my account where I can buy games on is unfortunately different than my main account that I've been using for years for trophies and friends.
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