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  1. Hi BarryBL 

    what going with developers 2021 missing sponsorship texture of player suit, helmet and no damage to rear wing and bodywork any update this to be fix playable

  2. a far point codemasters should work with Pirelli not just teams and driver of F1
  3. True but codemasters did in fact do it in their 2012 game with Pirelli's eggshells tyres because I managed a three stop race in Canada and then managed at one-stop at Monza giving fact some tracks on f1 2012 option degrade faster then prime counterpart did
  4. Codemasters you need to update race strategy as so outdated due to currently tread medium to hard or some case soft onto hard here tyre selections P1 drivers used the soft tyre lay down the rubber P2 Medium and Soft P3 Hard and Soft Full qualify session Q1 left as is Q2 set medium as default adjust the A.I here is A.I set really good lap times Q3 locked any new set of soft for race one worn soft set and Mandatory Q3 tyre set as the Race strategy updating to 2021
  5. • A detailed description of the issue. 1. The My Team career mode and weekly events missing sponsorship texture of player’s team sponsors are missing on the helmet and race suit start the race weekend team sponsors are present as you progress through the weekend until reach qualify session regardless of what type OSQ, Short or Full Qualify the player suit and helmet are sponsorless but during the Full qualify only Q1 but restore Q2 and Q3. Leave the race itself no sponsors texture suit and Helmet resulting in car failure as a side effect which is 90 per cent of the time 2. The Car
  6. Same on PS4 but only dry weather conditions but not in wet weather conditions
  7. You have two options before start of new season Left-hand is full 23 comfirm track season of 2021 minus Turkey and right is the custom season lengths which is 20/16/10 but Lee mather did mentioned Turkey in podcast just month before release
  8. I going to use Brabham Racing for My team as I am proud Aussie so splash some green and gold on the gird
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