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  1. So I rather have the impression that it is only on PC that the AI is overperformed. To do with the others.
  2. It's simple ... Hamilton would have continued to celebrate his victory and his fans would have laughed, I met a lot of his fans who laughed because Verstappen was in the hospital, but hey after that that's not the point, and it is a hot topic of controversy that has greatly divided F1 fans. In any case tonight or tomorrow I'm going to race at Silverstone, I would see how the AI behaves ...
  3. There is no question of accepting or not. There is a big problem with AI. I read on another post in the meantime that there is a problem with the AI on Austria and Silverstone on their surreal performance. 1: 01.600 in Austria is a time of an E-sport driver, and again ... and the AI is not supposed to be that high at 100%, at 110% we go to the 59 second limit on Austria, which is almost impossible.
  4. Hello, Concerning Austria, I speak about it on this post.
  5. Sorry for the double post, I am correcting for the times, Lewis had the best time in 1: 1.600 ( see screen ) , I did 1: 02.600.
  6. Hello all, ( sorry in advance for my bad english ) I would like to have your opinion on the performances of the AI which I find "cheating" on certain circuits. I am currently in a career with Red Bull (100% in race length) and I have enormous difficulty following the AI, especially in qualifying. On F1 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 I was between 105 and 108% in difficulty IA, with a good career. Here I am having such a hard time that I had to go back to 100% and I still have a lot of difficulty. I just qualified in Austria, and the AI literally knocked me down. (P12 ...) I sta
  7. Same problem here. T300 + Ferrari Wheel Addon, Updated driver, Updated firmware, USB location change, same problem, no force feedback. It's already annoying because it's unplayable ... Please Codemaster, do something.
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