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  1. Pleeease don't tell me it's a bug... Probably by design.. This is the only way to get rid of the very annoying rain drops 😅
  2. It's strange, at first I thought the car was handling like before the patch, just slower. But the more I drive, the more I feel like the understeer in high-speed corners (Cops, France Turn11) is drastically reduced. Almost feels like a mix of the 2020 and 2021 handling. But it probably has more to do with the lower approach speeds than actual handling changes.
  3. Okay @BarryBL, you were vague and teasy with your wording.. But damn, the hype is real now haha 😄
  4. Disagree, Turn1 Lap1 in Monza is maybe one of the most frustrating things 😄
  5. As someone who is only using the Multiplayer modes (and to some extent time trial) I want to post my experiences with the mode, now that the game is almost 2 months old: Ranked: In the 2020 game, ranked was my favourite mode for some casual 5 laps lobbys, as you could find some nice lobbys and drive 1-2 h with the same guys without drivers crashing into you left and right. But this year I haven't touched ranked since late July, since it's so broken. At the beginning the game would crash after one race, now after "fixes" the lobby is split after each race. So unless there is a fundame
  6. Oesi345


    For both Bahrain and Spain the left front was the highest worn tyre for me, so I increased the pressure for the front left by two clicks compared to right front. Worked fine for me.
  7. Dude, it is their job, probably some of them are obliged to play the newest version by contracts as well.
  8. The E-Sports guys are professionals, playing just an hour with a handling model that's not gonna be used in Esports, if the actual model is available, is wasted time. There was like 100k for the winner on offer last year as well.
  9. Well I doubt that we will get informed by CM in that matter. Their staff is liking tweets on the matter, but any offical messages? Nah..
  10. Apparently, it has been reversed: https://twitter.com/League_RNews/status/1431174123938619392?s=20
  11. Plus, PSGL just lost their highest (and possible second highest as well) league, just like that. Months, years of time and sweat gone down the drain.
  12. Damn, if these news spread to the "casual" players, Codemasters will have to do some explaining... Just kidding, they never do.
  13. Confirmed on Ps5 as well. Amazing how fixing one thing only works by bugging something else.. Just like the last time when the MFD was (and still is) bugged after fixing something there..
  14. Ah the good old, only wheel and cockpit view drivers are "real" drivers arrogance.. Trust me, just because you play with T-Cam and Pad you are not fast, it still takes hours of practice and a lot of talent as well.
  15. True. For example, the setting to turn off the AI Reserve in the League mode has been implemented.. after 3 years!! 😬
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