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  1. Trust me mate, I have spent 10 minutes and 100+ presses just to map ERS, no luck 🤣 Just only one time for a couple minutes, everything worked fine and I have managed to map&save a scheme, so it's alright for me atm. Thanks
  2. What do you exactly mean by online? I am connected to the servers but do you mean that I need to jump into an online/multiplayer race and try to switch in the middle of the session?? Thanks!
  3. Hi Barry, For a miriculously 2 minutes, I was able to map a scheme and instantly saved it. The problem still persists, I cannot make any further mappings but right now I'm hanging on, the game is playable for me with the scheme I managed to save. So, since you are already packed with lots of issues, don't waste time with that. Thanks anyway. However, all the problems reported by other ppl occur to me too: - Game saves corrupt, everything goes back to factory settings (the game asks me EULA etc. just like it's the first time etc.) So far, I managed to recover everything twice so
  4. Hi, We might have the same problem. Can you please check the screenshot? Wheel is working but whenever I try to bind buttons on settings, no luck. I press the buttons for mapping but the game refuses to take the input and relative fields stay as "Waiting for input" indefinetely. Do you have the same problem?
  5. I have downloaded and installed the exact "FIRMWARE AND DRIVER PACKAGE" 2021_TTRS_2.exe as mentioned in:
  6. Thanks for the help. I have plugged my wheel to a PC and updated drivers. After that, I have tried again, and unfortunately still not working. My original post is the bug report itself, I don't know what else should I do. Please elaborate in case you mean a dump/application log etc. for XBOX, because I am not aware of such a process. My report code is changed though, now it's: DBVK-KCRS-MTRS-GMJG Thank you
  7. I already have tried that.. not working.. the game only accepts input from the controller for those certain mappings check original post: “I have mapped actions using the controller, hoping that I can use the relative buttons on the wheel during racing, no luck. Turns out that the control scheme directly distinguishes inputs from controller and wheel. If you assign an action to "A" button on the controller, it only works on the controller but not with the "A" button on the wheel.”
  8. Hello, A detailed description of the issue: I am using Thrustmaster TX. wheels and pedals are working fine, but I cannot map buttons on the wheel. Whenever I try to map a button, the relative field remains as "Waiting for input" indefinetely. However, I don't have any problems with using the same buttons on the wheel while navigating in menus, they work fine. It's just the software somehow does not recognize the buttons as a mapping input during "binding". Btw, I don't have any problems in F1 2020 with the same wheel and console. Error code: I am not sure whether it's related, bu
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