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  1. All of sector three is different and the kerbs in sector 2 now give you floor and wing damage as per irl
  2. Russia has elevation fixes in the 3rd sector and helps the track feel alot better, Japan has the new kerbs and new elevation changes, Monza has new kerbs and elevation, gravel trap changes, Spain has new fixes to the track surface with bumps and unrealistic camber and Baku looks way better and drives better. Abu Dahbi is also MASSIVE in terms of changes, the kerbing and details have been fixed. I get your annoyed at CM but I put this down to them making the new tracks which will most likely be fully up to date!
  3. The title says it all! Can someone please help me with fixing the TMX PRO FFB not being there!? THANK YOU
  4. Can someone please explain to me why Japan has updated kerbs but nowhere else??? The track looks absolutely amazing and if they updated all the kerbs, boom, the tracks are perfect! I'm a league racer and I love the realistic aspects of racing, but we can't take the realistic lines (Austria final corner). Any explanation is welcome.
  5. a2mobie


    I have noticed that the kerbing for Japan has been significantly updated... Why not the other tracks. I'm not gonna mention new tracks or new layouts because I understand the reasoning behind them, but some of the tracks with updated kerbing actually affects how we race... Please provide an explanation as to why. I'm a league racer and really want to feel that realism while racing.
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