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  1. Upgrade to Fanatec mate, the force feedback is weak sauce with Logitec.
  2. Even with the recent WRC10 releasing, Dirt Rally 2.0 is still the pinnacle of rally games on console. Any chance of a next-gen patch? I would love improved visuals, or a 120fps mode. It would tempt me to buy all the DLC.
  3. I turn off HDR, it's not worth the eye strain due to the white menu. HDR implementation isn't great anyway, colours look washed out on my OLED. Games like GT Sport, Forza have fantastic HDR implementation. Turn 10 master their games on OLED for HDR colour accuracy.
  4. Two weeks tomorrow for those of us who foolishly purchased the early access version.
  5. Different strokes for different folks. It's rough starting out online, although increasing your safety rating should in theory give you lobbies full of clean drivers.
  6. Online still isn't working properly, hopefully that's fixed in the next update. Online is the main reason I bought the game. You don't get the same kind of adrenaline rush from playing against the A.I.
  7. Good news mate, at least we can play My Team without any issues. The patch number on my XSX is
  8. Hopefully this update fixes the multiplayer. Let us know if you're seeing improvements guys.
  9. The game online isn't working properly on console at the moment mate. Play the single player modes until we get a update, or try get a refund. The console versions should've been delayed.
  10. I've bought deluxe versions of Fifa games mate, they've no issues on early access. Even if the iconic drivers were their main selling point, the mode that uses iconic drivers has a corrupted save file bug. I haven't spent any of my pit coins, no incentive to spend pit coins when the online isn't working properly.
  11. Having bought the deluxe version on XSX, it does leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Considering the main selling point of the deluxe edition was the three days early, you'd expect a working product. When in reality we paid extra for a beta that's still full of bugs/glitches. I haven't even started My Team due to the corrupted save file. I can only play an online mode that doesn't even work properly. I'll never pre-order a premium edition of an F1 game again, unless they provide us with some sort of compensation.
  12. You'd find it easier getting into Fort Knox, than getting into a working lobby on XSX. One of the most broken multiplayer experiences I have ever attempted to play.
  13. Assists do appear OP this year, you can see that on the time trial leaderboard. The top 100 times on tracks are full of drivers using TC, ABS.
  14. I'm having similar issue, open NAT type, wired directly to a Netduma gaming router with an A for bufferbloat on DSL reports. I got two online ranked races in. At the end of the second race when it was showing the podium pass, my game crashed back to the home screen. I'm on Series X and using performance mode.
  15. Fair enough mate, did you change settings in the menu?
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