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  1. I just got a 120hz panel last night and experienced the same thing. It’s unplayable. The steering FFB shutters, skips and lags, just like the wheel in game.
  2. Same issues. Mine happens when sitting on grid in multiplayer 1/5 races. It will just freeze and shut down. Not sure how these kinds of issues have no been addressed.
  3. Can close this out. I am able to get online now. Was not aware of the sever outage. Hopefully stability will improve going forward. Still many issues and bugs
  4. Can’t connect now for the past 5 hours. Before that it was telling me that I was disconnected from online services, etc. would keep me in game sometimes and pop the message up in my face, during quali and races. Now it kicked me and 8 friends off the servers and we haven’t been able to get on for 4 hours now. A detailed description of the issue. -> above Report Code -> in photo Platform? -> XBOX SERIES X Game-mode? - online [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in
  5. The Internationally United F1 Series is looking for beginner to intermediate drivers to race in our third tier, developmental league. Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm est, 12:00 am bst. This tier is focused on developing race craft in a clean environment while still having the opportunity to be part of a full championship with 18 rounds of racing. check out www.mfgracing.com and drop a message in the chat! Looking forward to racing with you
  6. Why does the wheel still not lock at specified degree of rotation? Updated everything and I’m current but wheel stiffens at the degree set but can still over rotate. In F1 2020, it locked and you weren’t able to move past the degree you set it to. That’s a coding issue, not a wheel issue
  7. A deadzone exists where there is no FFB from 10-2 and then you feel it like a wall. There is nearly nothing then it just hits. Makes it hard to steer smoothly into and out of corners. Same thing existed on F1 2020 Also, When starting system and going straight to game there is no FFB until I unplug and plug my wheelbase back in. N/a, issue exists in all modes Xbox series X All modes What troubleshooting have you tried? uninstalled and reinstalled all drivers and firmware. Checked for firmware update, it is current. Changed FFB settings multiple times. Unplugged, p
  8. I agree. Wet weather should be a challenge to see but in this game there is none. Also, the water droplets on the screen that drip down the screen is stupid. At 200+ Mph, the water would be moving up or sideways not down like rain on a stationary car.
  9. I’m using 23 with no issues
  10. I agree. DRS indicator is annoying this year. It’s green and green…. The button disappears when active and it’s easy to miss. I hope it is changed
  11. The game hasn’t even officially released yet and you want a refund? Chill TF out dude. Play the game or Dont, nobody cares. But you complaining isn’t helping anyone
  12. It’s not going to work. Those buttons are not programmable. The 923 is a useless “upgrade”. Should just stick with a 920
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