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  1. Good to hear it's not me going crazy haha, thanks for checking it out for me!
  2. Hi @BarryBL, enclosed you will find the link to the video. Apologies for it looking a bit pixelated, something went wrong during recording. In the video you can clearly see that the game is performing fine, but around the 2:43 mark the highlight video shows it's transition screen, after the transition screen 2 massive black bars appear on both sides of the screen which do not go away, even when you start a new race (this can be seen at the ending of the video). I hope the video is of good use! Let me know if you need to see something else.
  3. Ok last update (I swear :D), I think I found where the exact problem is, when watching the highlights reel the game switches resolutions as soon as you see the "Lap .." transition, it appears that the game actually doesn't switch resolutions back to ultrawide however.
  4. Another quick update, tried going into the sprint race without watching the replay, and the problem did not pop up. So it seems to be related to the highlights reel.
  5. Ok so just a quick update, rebooting the game and continuing the race does seem to solve the issue.
  6. A detailed description of the issue: I am using a 3440x1440 resolution (ultrawide) and the game is running fine, when using the Grand Prix mode to do an F2 race the resolution suddenly changes and I have massive blackbars on the sides which hide a lot of info. This seems to keep happening as soon as I complete a feature race and continue on to the sprint race. I am using 50% distance and 95 ai. https://imgur.com/a/Cao2d6j this is a screenshot of what my game looks like during the sprint race . Report Code: Not needed. Platform: Steam. Game-mode: Grand Prix F2, 50% feature + s
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