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  1. It’s been the case for most games, Ray Tracing makes little noticeable difference especially in fast paced games. Coupled with the performance hit it’s not worth it. But kudo’s to CM to incorporating it and giving users the choice!
  2. I also want to say thank you for the Two Player Career, It’s been nice to finally race along side friends in career mode! Been hour’s of fun thus far discussing car improvements strategy before and during the race.
  3. I got a discount on steam when purchasing the Deluxe Version.
  4. On the contrary.. Damage has been fine on my end, Very sensitive almost this year and new things to break which is nice.
  5. Im on PC, and not facing this issue. I’ve double checked just to be sure. I might try a new Multiplayer Career. Maybe I got lucky!
  6. I think the gravel is fine, if you want to Nitpick sure. But I don’t know if I’d go as far as calling it Immersion breaking?
  7. This Looks like a bug on your end, I’m doing one right now and it’s not set to Equal
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