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  1. Hi, yes it happens in every f2 car I've noticed, not sure about f1
  2. So I am currently doing an F2 2020 championship on the new game, and I noticed the driver has no legs behind the wheel. Where are they? Has anyone seen them?! Not a game breaking issue, just something which more or less bugs my ocd. Xbox Series S Solo Championship
  3. The F2 cars were my favourite to drive last year and handled great. Not sure why I'm struggling now just feels really bad
  4. Yeh maybe in hindsight i should have, but hindsights a wonderfuk thing. I'm use to just picking up the game and it being fine so it was quite a shock.
  5. For those of you say, "do your research." I had no idea they wouldn't be added in the game. I've never once had an issue with the F1 games and I always purchase and always have expecting it to work well
  6. If you've got any tips for F2 handling I'd appreciate that a lot, i was fine with f2 last year in fact i preferred it to f1, but this year it's a bit off for me
  7. Spot on, agree with all your points. Especially the handling, it feels like I'm driving on ice
  8. I had so much excitement and hope leading up to the release of this game, pre-ordered it and paid £70. From the off I found out Imola, Portimao and Jeddah aren't even in the game yet. What's the point in me starting a career mode or an F1 season, when the calander isn't even all there. Spain and Australia aren't even updated. I paid £75 for a half finished product. Knowing these tracks aren't in the game, I thought I'd have a crack at F2 2020. Playing on controller because I can't afford a wheel setup. It feels like the car just spins in every corner, if anyone knows a fix or how t
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