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  1. maybe the Camera Mod will help you to get a bit better visibility on your game. Ise the one created by AgentHeX0007 !
  2. Silverstone is an amazing map , but happy to see again Cote d Azur  back !
  3. Tested it in a fev round's right now , and definatelly this have to be fixed , after turning OFF the tunning settings it's a hug diference how i feel the car upgrades now , my cars now getting a lot faster start , have more speed , breacking much better. So far i tested it only on Custom Cup Online as i have following the Steam discuss created by Fukkit. Well Codie's , we found a way to use it , but we would see now a fix for this , would be avesome for have the tunning settings ON as they do alot + Upgrades with them , as this was planned to be used Both at same time.. In this way , i would
  4. i would like to have some custom livery's for the Honda Civic ! Posible ?
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