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  1. What a great track to drive. So much fun and well implemented. Thanks Codies! (I'm driving in cockpit camera, which certainly brings a bit extra challenge)
  2. Would like to highlight this issue as it is quite annoying and prevents player DNFs @BarryBL A detailed description of the issue. Everytime I get a technical issue, radio gets stuck and subtitles stay on screen. In case it is a small issue or temporary one, I get the issue normally and then it gets fixed after some time. In case it is supposed to be terminal, I only get message from Jeff that he is sorry, but it is terminal. Then radio doesn't work anymore, subtitles stay on screen and I can continue normally without DNF. Platform PS5 Game-mode MyTeam What tr
  3. @BarryBL Last time this happened to me was with Zainetto and ZigZag, which were my only two sponsors. In my case, when this bug happens, it is always all sponsors not paying out. I play on PS5.
  4. Just finished the race without flashbacks and the same thing still happened. Radio message from Jeff saying it is terminal, but then radio got stuck and subtitles stayed on screen. Was able to continue normally. So flashbacks are not the issue at least not in my case.
  5. I have exactly the same problem using PS5. It seems to be related to radio bug as I get the message from Jeff that the issue is terminal, but nothing happens. Radio is stuck and I can continue driving as normal. I feel this is related to using flashbacks. I need to try to survive without those and see, if it helps.
  6. I fully agree with you regarding something funny going on as Bottas seems to win lot of championships (have followed that thread). I just noticed the critisism for his awareness stat as to me he doesn't have a lot of accidents or penalties. Imola in my head is more on Russell's side, who seems to have high awareness stat as well. But it is difficult to get this so that everybody would be happy (Sainz currently leading in my game, which I think is just fun). Apologies for hijacking this thread. Regarding the original issue reported, clicking the email didn't change any stats in my game. Ma
  7. And how many severe shunts has he delivered before Hungary? Just asking as there seems to be really strong feelings against Bottas in this forum. Definition of awareness by Codemasters: is based on how clean driver is and how many penalties they pick-up in races. I think he is a great driver and it is not easy to be compared against one of the best every weekend. If he looses roughly two tenths in average (2020 qualys) to one of the all time best qualy drivers in history, is that a definition of a slow/bad driver?
  8. GizT7

    Driver changes

    This one made me laugh after my first MyTeam season. I do not know, if Hamilton became too expensive, but he is now a free agent. And guess who replaced him at Mercedes...yes correct...Mazepin. Someone might call this a bit unrealistic 😄
  9. Thanks for testing this. If focus will improve after this, we should fill the proper bug report so that devs get notified.
  10. I have noticed the same thing @Elbi. Also interesting comment from you @Cook95, which gave me a thought this could be somehow related to settings we use. I have everything on reduced (acclaim, r&d, etc.) both for me and AI and I have really low focus for everyone. Could you share your settings, if this could be somehow related to low focus?
  11. Fix is currently with developers. You can try turning 3D sound off from PS5 settings until we have this fixed. This has solved the problem for me. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/80421-f1-2021-sound-glitch/
  12. Good example, why sharing videos is important. We all seem to have different opinions, how AI should handle these situations. My opinion: players fault. Overtake was not fully completed, why arrow was also still red. You do not cut on other car's racing line, if you have not completed the move. Players just seem to expect AI to give them space everywhere. Imagine this in real life...would expect quite a lot of discussion in team radio 😀
  13. I think you are experiencing this issue reported earlier?
  14. Are you on track, when trying this? It won't work, if you are in main menu.
  15. If you use headphones with PS5, you can turn off 3D sound from PS5 settings. Should work until there is patch fixing this.
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