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  1. Bug report in the template: When I attempt to race in-game, there is no force feedback with my Thrustmaster TX wheel Sorry, I don't have one and can't get it right now, but it's persisted through multiple restarts of F1 2021 and my PC. Windows 10, fully-updated All game modes It was offline It was offline Updating Thrustmaster firmware and drivers to the latest, making sure all other USB peripherals were unplugged. Tested FFB in other games like AC, ACC, iRacing, etc. All worked fine. No video, since the problem is with hardware Lo
  2. I am also experiencing this issue. Wheel is a Thrustmaster TX. I have the latest firmware/drivers (just updated this morning) and no other USB peripherals plugged in. After updating firmware, I did a complete restart of the PC. When I load onto the track there is zero force feedback; I can move the wheel with absolutely no resistance. I've tried changing the FFB settings to the highest and lowest that the go for all categories in game. FFB works as expected in all the other games I play: iRacing, Assetto Corsa, ACC, Automobilista 2, etc. I'm not sure what else to try. E
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