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  1. It’s not the Firmware that’s causing the issue it’s the new Driver for 2021. You need to update the driver not the firmware.
  2. You might need to try going into your device manager - human interface devices - than completely uninstall your wheel so that the PC does not recognise it. Do a reboot of your PC then plug the wheel back in so that it does a download of the latest firmware and then do the latest driver download through the Thrustmaster website. This worked for me so hopefully with work for you as well.
  3. The recommended fix of complete uninstall then new driver install has worked for me as well. Still think it’s a bit much hassle for a new game but nothing’s perfect.
  4. I have done a driver update and have exited and re-entered the game a few times to no avail. I have tried the pause/unpause that was was recommended above but still no force feedback. At this point I think it falls to the Codies guys who I’m sure are working hard to find a fix.
  5. I turned FFB off and then saved the control scheme went back in game then back into settings turned FFB back on to no avail. I was running full screen anyway so that can’t have been the issue for me.
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