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  1. _darko

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    i don't know but i do feel like its way to uncommon when i compare it to dirt rally espacially( there it was to frequent if u ask me) I have not seen any driver drop down the timings due to a serious problem with its car for a long time now( at least not in the lets call it top 10 for a while already. to be more specific i remember from dirt rally how sometimes u complely lucked out because a driver above u binned it and in the elite and master division this really for me added to the fun because it didnt feel like this **** only happened to you. (espacially if u promote to master based the misfortune of another wich happened to me)
  2. its progressively getting worse the past few days i almost destroyed my pc or in fact anything in close proximity due to the issue. It's really annoying me that a lot of studios take it for granted that we are always connected and forget in the process that things can go wrong in many many places along the line. I am writing this after again getting this ****, not allowed to move on, the game plain right refuses to even try to connect and says im not connected, when u hit retry nothing happens. anyway im am done for the coming weeks with this game im going to save myself a lot of frustrations because i know that developpers like to stick their head in the sand and only reply when a fix has happened or when they are close to release it because they are very sure they know exactly what the issue is. edit: im on pc (steam)