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  1. Never seen so trash servers in a video-game, one more time I'm unable to register my pb in timetrial to see it in the leaderboard. Everytime I'm playing this game there is 90% chances for server issues lmao
  2. I think most people especially beginners expect career to be more interesting than that, and that it will help them progress gradually. But in reality it is better playing time-attack and challenges I agree. But I think a well balanced AI can be a lot of fun and satisfaction without being too easy or too hard, back in the day devs knew how to do that. But like I said, I'm only at pro career so I don't really know what will comes to me, I shouldn't judge for the moment.
  3. With all the feedback on the differents forums it can only be better. I saw sooo much people complaining about this ! They are surely considering players advices for their next game, I hope.
  4. From what I understand you go from absolutely no challenge to A.I beating world records. I don't play so much career but for the moment on Pro it is absolutely boring, no challenge. Hope progression will be logical cause its boring to never have the satisfaction of winning something, which I don't already have. I dont get why the principal mode which should be the career is so ****** up. Got more pleasure playing time-attack and random online challenges.
  5. After some testing it seems that it's a problem between steam and the latests Xbox Series controllers.
  6. Platform: Steam Country: France Place where error was encountered: Events / Clubs / Time Trial Kind of error: Server unavailable 2bb7dc9a-0-50 edit : fixed after restarting.
  7. Btw it seems that online-only does not even prevents hacks or crack at this day, so I dont see anymore the purpose of this system. I don't have any knowledge in this, but just wanted to say it is frustrating and I'm wondering what will happen to this game, in a few years.
  8. Servers are down, as usual. Nothing changes since the day I bought the game and all the stuff, what a joke. I don't even know if I can exit the game or let it in background until I can repair my car and exit.
  9. I remember seeing people discussing about this problem but I don't remember where, hope someone can help you, I'll try to retrieve it on google. Keep this topic up, it seems that you're not alone having this issue.
  10. Try disabling "steam input" in the dirt rally properties under controller section, in your steam library. It seems that sometimes it can interfere with the recognition of your wheel/controller.
  11. Maybe checking integrity of game files in steam can help if you don't try already, otherwise idk, seems like corrupted or modified files.
  12. When you get to a good level with controller this issue become super frustrating, forcing you to get used to it and slow-down in certains sections to reduce the amount of steering lock/assistance this thing does (which increase with speed), or just try to never have to countersteer too much at high speeds, which is NOT FUN nor realistic nor COMPETITIVE. You have to buy a wheel for being competitive. On technical sections controllers are very good to use, but when it comes to high speeds, it is garbage. I don't think it helps begginers too. The game will be much more simple with better controls
  13. Hi, I didn't found any place where the subject is discussed, playing on controller, if you use SteamInput/Big Picture with your controller detected, game vibration become very weak and weird, someone said me that it affects only codemasters games using EGO engine. At this point I just stopped using SteamInput since the game is perfectly adapted to controllers, but it's a pity, controller settings offered by SteamInput adds particularly well in Dirt Rally.
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