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  1. So true, though I find in Zandvoort if you cover the outside they blast up the inside. Baku is horrible for that as you say. The divebombs into turn 1 and the insistence on 3 abreast out of turn 1 at the start is also getting wearisome. Just get punted into the wall down the straight to turn 2 at various tracks because someone is trying to squeeze too hard and taps your inside rear tyre.
  2. Big 1. Custom driver transfers, driver, team and engine stats in MyTeam and driver career. 2. Bring the Braking Point touches into MyTeam - more backstage paddock cut scenes and interaction, proper interview spaces with result specific interviews i.e. by the podium for top 3, in the paddock on a stool like with Sky for non-top 3, more live rivalries with storylines built in depending on the team/driver rivalry i.e. if you clash with someone on track it triggers a storyline with multiple responses with that driver during the series, the AI driver basically just slots in with their pro
  3. Turn 7/8 in Zandvoort, yeah they're too fast and swarm you. Chicane and last corner in Spain, they're too fast compared to the rest of the lap. First sector in Japan, especially the S's, they don't suffer understeer or wake through there, they're half a second quicker. Luffield in Silverstone they have uber traction (like Lewis with Max but every single lap no matter how bad the tyres should be) and then again, don't suffer the understeer or wake through Maggotts and Becketts, they're all over the back of you. Turn 8 in France they also don't suffer and will divebomb you mi
  4. I'm the other way, I fail quali programmes in season 1 to start 21st yet qualify in 12th-13th place.
  5. They're very clumsy. I'd rather they were more sensible but had more actual crashes. They don't spin out like normal drivers, they just trip over each other randomly and then stop randomly in the middle of the track for no reason.
  6. for some reason in practice 1 I have to give back the medium and hard, but then in other practice sessions the AI gets to use them, so if it rains in practice 1 I can't do any race simulations?
  7. yes, but down a straight my slip stream should be the most powerful thing, yet we all have engine parity in season 2, I have the best powertrain and I can barely catch a guy down the main straight in Spain because he hits 4th/5th gear in a straight line and launches off, it's weird.
  8. My first season transfers: Gasly, Russell turn me down. Haas bid for Schumacher with 1 second left and I get no right of reply so lose him (nonsense, needs fixing). Verstappen to Mercedes (lol) Alonso to Red Bull (lol) Bottas to Aston Martin (fine) I signed Ocon (fine) Stroll to Alpine (Would never happen, his dad owns Aston Martin and I don't want it to happen) Vettel and Raikkonen retired, despite Vettel actually winning a race in season 1 (again, why?) Ilott to Alpine (he's a Ferrari driver) Aitken to Aston Martin (ok, but he's not good enough in
  9. Why do they get nitrous in 4th/5th gear? We already have poorer traction as players, especially off the line, yet I've noticed coming out of slow/medium speed corners, say the chicane at Spain they're super quick but then there's a phase 2 where they come out of a medium speed curve or set off down the straight and they hit 4th/5th gear and they just shoot off, so your DRS is just crippled because they get this extra dose of super traction that gives them 3/4 tenths for no logical reason. It's not even traction out of the corner, your car is planted and going through the gears and they just bu
  10. I'm finding it completely bizarre. 96 in season 1, constantly at worst 0.5 seconds faster than my F2 team-mate if not a lot more (but hey, I like a margin when I'm slightly better than the AI so it's fun). Season 2, quali 96, I'm 6 tenths slower than Ocon my team-mate and my car is 4th fastest in the performance chart yet he qualifies 12th-14th and I qualify 15th-16th. Yet, give me the alternate strategy in the race, I turn it down to 92 (so 4 tenths?) and I go from 1.5-2 seconds slower to winning in Bahrain and 2nd in Spain on the alternate strategy, no shenanigans. The difference level betwe
  11. Please just give us the option to do custom transfers at the end of each season, as well as driver and team stat editing.
  12. it would be better if it only flashed up the section that was damaged, rather than the whole underbody etc.
  13. Starting my My Team in Bahrain and I just can't put the power down out of any slow corner. Anything more than 50% throttle and the back-end is spearing me off into the wall and the understeer on entry just means I'm losing half a second in every slow corner. Been trying different setups but can't bash this out of the car yet all the Youtuber videos don't have these issues, so what am I missing? They don't drive this slowly just to get out of corners yet aren't speared into the wall either?
  14. Please delete.
  15. please delete.
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