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  1. no damage for me too on rear wing. no matter what i do. confirmed on both a good gaming new PC with all graphics on ultra. damage and all other settings are correct. and this is on PS4 pro as well. PC and PS4 are on two completely different locations. not even the same house.
  2. A detailed description of the issue: can't see any rear car damage detail on rear wing. Report Code: TXMA-SXHP-HHAM-AGJE Platform: PC steam and PS4 Pro Grand Prix. offline race against AI (solo). [ONLINE] Offline (connected to online race net and internet connection is stable on both PC and ps4 pro. also PC and ps4 are in different locations (not the same house. two diffrent internet modems and two different accounts. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried: tried crashing into everything with the rear. both walls, barriers and cars
  3. can't see any rear car damage detail on rear wing. grand Prix mode. both simulation damage mode is on. can see the rear is damaged but no detail is visible.
  4. can't see any rear car damage detail PC and PS4 Grand Prix mode can't see detail of rear car damage no matter what i do i cannot see read car damage. tried ever everything. settings to simulation on all
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