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  1. I'm also suffering with this. I thought it was something with my PC. I'm running on Ryzen x5900, Geforce RTX 3070, 16gb ram, clean windows install (nothing on background), dx12, last nvidia driver. First I thought my FPS was dropping, but even disabling ray tracing and other things I still had those stutters. My FPS is always +100 (1440@144hz), so, I hope next patch fix it, otherwise I'll go back to console. Ah, I also got Ego crash. 😐
  2. I'm using the Fanatec CSL Elite Wheelbase with Formula V2 with APM. Same situation as yours. F1 2020 works like a charm and F1 2021 is not mapping. Also using 402 firmware.
  3. A detailed description of the issue. I also had the same problem mentioned above. F1 2021 doesn't allow to map the extra paddles from Fanatec Advanced Paddle Module (APM). The APM has 6 paddles, which 2 paddles are used and mapped correctly for gear up and down (default in the game), 2 paddles for clutch (bottom ones), 2 paddles for anything (usually mapped to DRS and Overtake). - F1 2020 allows you to bind any paddle to any function you want. - F1 2021 doesn't support the top and bottom paddles. It doesn't recognise the top paddles at all, and the bottom ones are recognised as c
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