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  1. Detailed description? -- Playing co-op career mode, completed the monza GP, after the GP the other co-op player returned to work and just left his controller idle and ps4 on, I carried on and answered the post race interview and received my acclaim points, after that the screen went to a black screen with a time in the top left corner counting upwards, after a minute I just turned off my system. Later in the evening we decided to have another race, so when we go to the lobby we can see we were assigned the points from Monza, however it still shows we are in Italy for the GP, aft
  2. Thanks, I was unaware of that for Australia, and Austria, could very well be the case, it happened a couple of times so I figured it was an error. I have not done China yet, It was Australia and Austria as you pointed out, I cannot say for certain it happnened in Abu Dhabi, as it was when racing Australia, I noticed this happened more then once. Thanks again,
  3. I had the same issues on ps4 regarding corner cutting, in Montreal specifically, turn 4 completely cut the grass for the chicane, turn 8/9 skipped the long chicane and drove through the pavement on a straight diagonal, and the final chicane I jumped the corner, never a warning in regular, with strict, I only got a warning a 8/9 I have found a few other spots, the game seems to prefer certain areas, I am not sure why, you can completely cheat turn 1 in Austria, but turn 3 they will get you every time, either mode.
  4. A detailed description of the issue. On Multiple occasions (3-4) I have received DRS when I am ahead of a car by less than a second. On the most recent occasions I recall, I was behind the car and got DRS and passed the car in front, and in the next DRS section the trailing car I passed was usually within a second of me and I was given DRS for a second time in row, and to be clear there were no cars ahead of me within a few seconds let alone 1. Report Code JSGX-MADJ-KGRI-MVKV JKBS-PVDA-VGRI-MVKV Platform? ps4 Game-mode? Braking Point and sol
  5. A detailed description of the issue. PS4 GP single player mode - standard - rules and setting are all remaining as the default settings with corner cutting on regular. I can cut corners and go completely off track and will not even get a warning. Turn 1 Austria I can cut all four wheels off track with no warning, in Montreal at the the chicane (vettel hamilton incident corner) I can completely cut through he grass with no warning or penalty, and same in Italy at the final zig zag corners, and basically anywhere, but those spots I have done it multiple times, not even a warning. In r
  6. Hi, I am getting a red message in the bottom left hand corder of my game when I pause it in race. The report code is: JSGX-MADJ-KGRI-MVKV I have no idea what this is, could you please let me know? Also corner cutting in single player GP mode does not even give me a warning when I cut corners off track etc. (yes, it is turned on, using the default standard settings regarding the rules) Seems to register in ranked races though.
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