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  1. Good evening, Here are two recent logs. The latter was once again at the end of a race (lap 25 of 27). It's just frustrating by now. I hope the log can help to solve the problem. Regards crash_dump#803111-20210904-180258-0.zip crash_dump#803111-20210902-233246-0.zip
  2. Hey Hoo, the problem occurs again and again. I can't republish it specifically, because some days I have the chance to do 1-2 race weekends without problems and some days my game already crashes several times in practice. However, the problem occurs very often and it is quite frustrating. I've reached the point where I save the game every 5 laps because I'm afraid it might crash again. Maybe it helps to say I only play MyTeams mode and it doesn't depend on which track I'm driving on. The game crashes on every track.
  3. Hey, Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I didn't see immediately that there was a reaction to my message... I hope these are some of the crash files. The crash files are saved somewhat randomly... 800360-20210814-015325-0.zip 800360-20210814-143006-0.zip 800360-20210815-234737-0.zip
  4. Good evening everyone, Is there any new information about the EgoDumper crash? Unfortunately, my game still crashes even after the latest patch (game and graphics card). I would appreciate an update on the problem. Kind regards
  5. Good evening, I hope these are the files you need. Unfortunately they were not in the place you mentioned, however I was still able to find them. 🙂 hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_info.xml 794563-20210712-215141.dmp
  6. Hey everyone, In the middle of a race my game crashed with the message 'Ego Dumper Crash'. I have attached one of the crashes below and the DxDiag file. This has happened 4 times in the meantime. I assumed that I had fixed the problem after deactivating the Raytracing (for once I was able to do a 50% race without crashing), but the problems continued to occur. Platform: PC Game-mode: MyTeam (but it happend in every mode before) I really hope you can fix my problem. DxDiag.txt egodumper.log
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