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  1. Extremely long loading times EGTH-EEDM-CDJT-KBVG PC / Steam Navigation / Career Verify files integrity / low/medium graphical settings / updated drivers when possible Not really any patience to record a video, if absolutely necessary I will, but problem is self explanatory. Problem happens pretty much all the time, sometimes right away after booting the game, sometimes it only starts after I've been in a session (single player) and left or progressed. So essentially, sometimes I'm lucky and loading my career for the first time works well, until the next nece
  2. Legit the only good livery they've released so far, and still it bugs me that you can't change the red stripes into another color. But by far the only interesting livery design.
  3. I think you're missing my point. Improving the sportsmanship/showmanship mechanic does not forcibly mean "keep it exclusively as a binary function". But if you want a system to have some kind of stats like that in the game, it does need improvement over the binary system, like you're saying. Instead it was cut out completely and not replaced by anything. Also, you seem to be comparing sportsmanship and showmanship to like, tackling and shooting (in F1 it would be closer to overtaking and defending). Those are actual statistics of a driver during the race, while the two attributes we're di
  4. That would be a way to improve it, yes. You answered your own question.
  5. Right, but that's the kind of feature that you improve in future games, not cut out completely and not replace it by anything else.
  6. In 2019, driver career had several more details that were cut in 2020/21. For one, you had a driver type between sportsmanship and showmanship, with each team favoring a certain type of racer (answers in interview would dictate what you were). You could at all times see the opinion each team of the grid had about you represented in bars that would fill up or down depending on how they liked you. When negotiating contracts with your team, you could set objectives to reach in exchange for salary in role. So for example, you could offer the team to rank 10th in qualifying and 8th in the race on a
  7. They gave the whole thing 2 seconds. They just bunched up all current team names and gave them a flag all at once so players can't use them in their names and then moved on, but they never thought to stop and realize Williams is an actual surname and is also in the voiced ones.
  8. Ah yes, real season start. The mode where you pick up where the current season is, without the actual tracks being raced on in the game, and then proceed to watch Max fall down the championship order like a rock as his RB can't keep up with the Merc ingame. Definitely a worthwhile game mode.
  9. My tip would be this: use FP1 to clear all three practice programs as good as you can on one go, then fast forward to the end (don't skip, like that you get to go back to the computer), select quick practice for FP2 and just clear the 1/2/3 things left you couldn't do. So if Race Sim gives you tyre wear, don't sweat, just clear it in quick practice in FP2. It doesn't use much of your component wear when you only have a few to do.
  10. Or how about faster cars being 0.4 seconds behind you before both of you start your flying quali lap, you try to let them pass and they slow down to stay behind you, and as soon as the flying lap starts they spend the whole track trying to overtake you. Instead of, you know, leaving a 2-3 second gap to you before starting their laps. This has literally been an issue since I started playing in 2017, and it's still there today. EDIT: As for the thread's initial question, it's simple. Beta's back in the days used to be launched several months before the game came out, sometimes even a year
  11. Real Season start is a meme, with all the missing tracks, existing tracks not having been updated and car performances having nothing to do with real life (RB and Verstappen are so uncompetitive it's not even funny), it's hard to understand how they could boast about putting that mode in the game.
  12. Had the same problem in 2020. By the second half of the second season, I was dominating every other car on the grid - and I mean dominating - because they all seemed to plateau and stop developing. And I think I discovered why later in my driver career mode. AI team's R&D is also dependent on the team investing in facilities to unlock spec 1-2-3 for each car part. For some weird reason, I was with Renault last year in Driver career, and for three season straight, Renault would not increase the Aero spec to 2 so I could unlock the rest of the parts. So I got to a point where I was bott
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