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  1. whyyouQQ


    I sucked at Monaco, but I kept practicing and I am doing reasonably well now. It's a difficult track for controllers, but you can't expect to be good at the hardest track after just a few hours.
  2. yeah, he's pretty much always ahead in my career mode for whatever reason
  3. hey mate, I agree it's a bit concerning. I was wondering if you could help venture over to the bug section and submit a report with reproduction steps so they could better investigate? Thanks.
  4. guy's just shaking his head because he's disappointed in the game 😉
  5. I would agree, this is sorely needed in the PC version
  6. It honestly looks like a LOD issue with texture streaming. I have no idea what causes this on your machine though.
  7. Hi, you are able to change settings only before you start that session and when you are still at your desk. When you are at your desk, go the the primary menu and you can use the Y button on Xbox to access Simulation settings.
  8. I think 4 is a great idea. I would love this to be perfectly honest.
  9. nice catch, great eye for detail you have mate!
  10. For XBox, click in your left joystick.
  11. that could go into the suggestions forum. off topic: hey Nemo, I found you!
  12. While I agree that there's a ton of understeer in this iteration, I think overall, I do feel more while driving and have been able to take off the assists one by one. IMO, try to keep a bit of an open mind on what the devs are trying to do and leave some buffer room for adapting to the new way to play. You might be surprised at what you might learn in return.
  13. Yeah, ever since the latest patch, I am getting a pretty bad 0.5s stutter the moment when I join a practice or race. It's pretty jarring. I had 0 issues prior to 1.04
  14. Yeah, I agree that the audio is very good this year. I skipped 2020 and noticed that the tire squeals when you lose traction or lock up are a lot more pronounced in 21 and really add to the immersion. Thanks!
  15. While Braking Point, imo, was far from boring, I felt the storyline could use a bit more work and there lacked consequences to my actions. I thought, if given the opportunity to choose between having more of this Braking Point story or have the devs focus on getting improved realism and content, I would gladly choose the latter. What about you?
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