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  1. I will play as Casper Akkermann and will archieve his title... nope... Driver Career: Hulkenback. I will play as Hülkenberg and signed at Williams (instead of Latifi) as the Team wants to get back to the top and needs a more experienced driver. Nico accepted the challenge to drive next to the young shooting star Russell. If Nico beat his team mate clearly it could be possible that other teams offers a seat (Aston Martin or McLaren). Myteam: Porsche Motorsport F1 entered the Grid and Ayrton Senna (unfortunately not with the correct avatar...) lead the Team. First a young Brazilian Pe
  2. My bad. You are right. The advertising of 2019 & 2020 was more concrete. As I saw it now again, I realize that the misleading part is, that it is spoken that the icons "enhance your Myteam game experience". It is not clearly defined that they only can be hired as teammates. I see that the bullet point "Character Avatars" below is missing and that this point is listed under the Braking Point Content. I think this is a little bit tricky and should be communicated better. Ok, I'm from Germany and not a native English speaker, but it is a little bit like a puzzle...
  3. We have another thread about this topic. It is sad, that it is not included and obviously will not included anymore in F1 2021. And yes it was advertised that the icons can be hired as team mates, but it was not really clear that this is their only functionality. For F1 2019 it was also not advertised, that you can use Senna and Prost as avatars outside of the Challenge mode. But we could. I don't remember how it was advertised for 2020. So it is not curious that buyers of the 2021 special edition are disappointed. I know, that this is not important for every buyer, but for me and s
  4. I also use your camera settings @PJTierney, but adjust the FOV closer in Cockpit view. I lost the view to mirrors, but use the virtual mirror instead. I also tested the alternative nose camera, but as this camera is not adjustable I switched back. I hadn't get a feeling for this view as the inputs feel laggy and so I missed every corner. I think this camera would be awesome alternative to the cockpit camera if adjustable.
  5. Porsche Motorsport F1 The design is a hommage to the McLaren era with TAG engines (Porsche engines) mid 80s and not a tribute to cigarettes 😉
  6. I have started MyTeam with the uncanny Version of Senna 😅 Fortunately there is a helmet from start which fits very good with the right colours. Senna will push Porsche to the top of the grid 😁 But we all would prefer, if we not need to use look-alike Avatars instead of the existing Icon Avatars.
  7. Kannte die Funktion auch nicht. Klingt für mich nach der Lenkhilfe.
  8. It would be great if Patch 1.10 would includes something of the suggestions in this thread. I understand and agree that bug fixes and the new handling physics have to be prioritize. But please Codies don't ignore our wishes regarding the Icons. Specially the avatar function should be enabled, if the license agreement allows it. We didn't hear the opposite so far and 2019 & 2020 includes 3 of the Icons as avatars.
  9. It would be weird, but the Players could choose by thereself, if they sign the same Legend as second driver which they use as avatar. The possibility to build up a Team as Senna with Prost would be awesome. If it is not included in the agreements for 2021 than it should be considered for 2022. If it is not clear, CM should check the agreements and add the option to use the Legends as avatars where possible. As Senna and Prost were available 2019 and Schumacher was available 2020, it should be possible to add them if the agreements are still in place. That the Legends are not availa
  10. To play as Senna with Prost as Team mate in Myteam would be awesome! Please CM, unlock the icons for using as avatar!
  11. CM, please let us play as Prost, Senna, Schumacher and the other Icons. I appreciate that you added the Drivers of the Braking Point Content, but what the Players who bought the Deluxe Edition really want, is to race and build up their Team with their Heroes. This is a essential part for us to enjoy the game. In last years Deluxe Edition I loved to build up a Team as Schumacher! Please CM, unlock the already available avatars for us in the next patch!
  12. Great ideas. I fully support the suggestion!
  13. Same here. Somehow I became Sainz too. It have to be a bug. But it's actually nice as he also has the right number 55 😄
  14. I totally agree with 1, 3 and 4!
  15. I totally agree with all the suggestions!
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