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  1. here’s my report I left, check out the two streamable links and compare them, you can see the difference perfectly there, first one in the main post body was my bugged run in driver career, second clip in the edit is the race I did in Grand Prix mode, no bug present
  2. Update: I have done a Grand Prix mode with the same parameters and the bug is nonexistent, I will be uploading a clip shortly to show the direct comparison proving there was a major discrepancy in the fuel amount being used from my first race Edit: here is the clip of the Grand Prix mode race, as one can see the fuel drain is completely different from the first clip, so I hope this provides some insight into what was goin on https://streamable.com/fwrcki
  3. Description of incident: fuel amount was drastically decreasing across a 50% race in Bahrain in season 1 round 1 of driver career in AT. All practice sessions and programs were completed without fail, and the game gave a reasonable strategy for the race start, around 30.9 laps worth for a 29 lap race. Race starts as normal, I’m driving making pace and positions not noticing anything out of the ordinary until lap 18/29 when Jeff tells me I have five laps of fuel left, and the MFD shows -3.76 next to the fuel. Needless to say I ran out by lap 23/29. Restated the race, put 3.9 extra laps worth of
  4. Well that’s good it at least isn’t happening again but man it sucks when it does. If it happens again make sure to document everything since this seems to be a more rare bug that way they can see it and fix it, I’m gonna make a bug report based on my incident
  5. Did you see the vids I posted? Did that look similar to how yours was draining? I’m about to get on and run my experiments and see if I can recreate it
  6. I’m going to experiment more today and do the same race, team and distance in other modes and see how it goes, I suspect that Grand Prix mode might go by without issue as there’s no race sim program to be had to even calculate fuel
  7. Yea my fuel was draining really fast in Bahrain in my driver career, wasn’t even shifting past half the rev lights every gear to try and save fuel and it still went. Restarted my race and put 4 extra laps of fuel in and drove very conservatively to experiment and I still hit low fuel mode on the second to last corner of last lap
  8. https://streamable.com/qhfrby this first vid is a clip of my race I did and you can see the fuel draining bottom right And this is someone else’s same race for comparison, skip to 53:33 to see as he opens his menu periodically and you can see the drastic difference in fuel change
  9. Yep this happened to me too. It did it in my Bahrain race, did all the practice programs, doin my race as usual, come lap 21/29 Jeff’s telling me I have 5 laps left of fuel. I restart, put 3.5 extra laps worth of fuel in and still ran out at the end, and the second half of that race I was short shifting so much I never even lit up the purple lights in the rev range, was losing so much pace to people behind me but fuel was still dropping quick. I looked up a person on YT playing the same track, same distance and their fuel worked just fine, and they were driving fast way more aggressive than I
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