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  1. Can we please have just more options as lobby hosts/league admins? For instance corner cutting, 3 warnings = 3s penalty. We could amend that to 5 warnings, or 3 warnings = 1s penalty etc. Any more customisation options would make our lives so much better and hopefully isn't too hard to introduce.
  2. Thanks @BarryBL, it must be quite frustrating being the public face when things go wrong but the ETA etc is definitely appreciated. Is 1.12 the Imola patch, or will that be later? Also, if you need any help with the red X issues, and cars not seeing other cars, let me know. I've got loads of clips.
  3. Another fun clip of a league race ruined by desync https://streamable.com/su7rmi Report code: XMGH-BTTX-DPHM-CXGE
  4. To add to what Flip said above, I race in two leagues, of which there are 27 divisions over three systems every weekend. Of that, 20 races were spoiled or abandoned because of huge desync. At what point do Codemasters just REVERT the update that absolutely screwed online play? It was buggy before Portimao update, but since it's been absolutely unplayable. These two leagues have 700 racers, that's £35,000 spent to league race at £50 a game purchase, and it's useless. If you want to "test", just drop me a DM. I can get you hundreds of willing volunteers heavily invested in the o
  5. Sorry, are you saying you can or can't get it to output the name?
  6. A detailed description of the issue. The VSC delta will reset to 0 when Jeff announces VSC ending. This means even if you've built a healthy buffer, if it happens when going into a hard braking corner (or in the wet!) you just go instantly negative and are very very likely to get a Drive Through. Report Code N/A Platform? PC and Xbox Game-mode? Online [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. 20 [ONLINE] Were you the host?
  7. Hi, Wondering if you can help. I'm trying to pull the driver name, specifically the Steam ID. In the telemetry sheet, it says either m_networkId or m_name[48] should be what I use to get this (I think?) When I use networkID I get a number, which isn't helpful and when I use m_name I can only do it by Position [GameRawData.PlayerParticipantData.m_name01] and that only returns the letter P, despite no-one in our session starting with that letter. Ideally, and I'd assume this is possible, like to pull the SteamID of the user and also be able to pull the steamID of everyone in the s
  8. Any ideas? Just had a race on Bahrain with a SC just sat on the fast right hand corner, if this happens in a league race it's game breaking
  9. Hi Barry, One is mine, the others are of my friend who league races with me. I should be able to provide any info needed
  10. Hello! In F12021 on PC the G923 locks Rewind and Photomode to the same button on flashbacks/replays. When I try and edit the button to be something else, it says I cannot edit this on an input with a preset control scheme. I've tried making a new control scheme, but still the error persists. This means I can't rewind any replay in that mode (Not in actual full race replay, just for instance in a TT paused replay)
  11. Hi, I'm not sure if you wish to have separate posts for each bug.. A detailed description of the issue. Over the past three days in league races we have had the following bugs Three SC's on track at once, one stopped at the side of the track, one working as intended, one that did a lap then went straight into the pits VSC not showing for some users in the session in a league race. Others being forced to keep to a VSC speed while those with the bug were able to race at full speed. SC notifying it's coming
  12. 35% is already in the game, it's the build esports use. So that realistically isn't an issue outside of them making it available for all
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