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  1. No it is not fixed. If you use Project Cars 2 (PC2) you will have to go in an change the numbers in the registry database as described, before starting F1 2021. Note, it will only have to be done once after having used PC2. It will then stay correct until the time you use PC2 again, after which the process must be repeated.
  2. A detailed description of the issue. At the end of the race (My team mode, 1st race of season 1 at Bahrain), Alonso (AI driver) was in 6th, but was moved down to last of the running cars (20th) at race end. There was not penalties and there has been no VSC or SC during the race. Alonso did only a single pitstop (50% race), same as majority of other drivers. In the replay, it can be seen that at the moment he crosses the line, he goes from being +3.7 behind number 5 (VET) to be +1 Lap down. Then as the other cars crosses the line, he moves down one place for each car that crosses the line (The
  3. Was actually in my first post that I tried out the wheel with PC2, but nevermind now 😉 And agree, amazing it hasn't been patched if it is a well know issue (I would wish I knew it a few weeks ago) I my testing, no it didn't break PC2, but changed back to 03 00 08 10 19 00 00 00 by it self and then needs to be changed manually to play F1 2021.
  4. Just an update. The issue can now be closed as I have after a long troubleshooting, finally narrowed down the root cause. The cause of the FFB (wheel damper) not working, but all other functions working correctly (On track effects, off track effects and rumble strip effects) was a single wrong digit in OEM entry the registry database. The OEMData binaries under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\VID_046D&PID_C24F was 03 00 08 10 19 00 00 00, but shall be 43 00 08 10 19 00 00 00 Testing why this has been entered, it is
  5. @steviejay69I am not trying to attack you personally. It is my understanding that this is a official channel for Codemasters support and if anything, I am attacking the Codemaster, as a company, decision not to offer support for alleged supported products. I have also been trying to bring as much data and results as possible to better understand the problem in the expectation that the support would at least have tried it out before rejecting any further support.
  6. @UndercoverNL Are you official Codemaster support? If not please stop hijacking the support tread with suggestions which goes directly against the official Codemaster support. Thank you. Also, I am also talking to Logitech support, as mentioned during this support tread, but simply just label this as third party issue, without even having attempted to replicate or asked for anything additional from my side (logs, etc.) is simply a bit lazy from my point of view.
  7. Neither have I on F1 2020 (as already mentioned) But this support is for 2021!! Do you then have anyone who is actually capable of providing support for the Logitech products (Which is claimed to be fully supported by the game)?? This is a support tread for Logitech wheels, not Thrustmasters! Okay, so no support for a wheel claimed to be supported by the game, then I really hope that Steam is willing to give me my money back, if not I will then 100% expect Codemasters to refund the product for me.......
  8. I have tried every possible combination of options and settings and still no luck. Best I can get is ffb from the different vibration/rumble effects and then a wheel as light as if I was driving on ice 😞 Really hope there is a solution for this.
  9. I have tried the suggested on a fresh reinstall of F1 2021 and have the following observations. With only LGS installed: - Wheel LED's work as expected during game - Following force feedback modes works as expected, "On track effects, off track effects and rumble strip effects" - Wheel Damper settings has no impact, no matter if set to 0 or 100, wheel can be turned very easily with absolutely no weight to it. With only GHUB installed: - Wheel LED's does not work during game - No force feedback modes works in game. - Even though the centering spring is disabled in GHUB, th
  10. Now I am fully confused. Other support treads I see Codemasters ask people to uninstall LGS with the geek uninstaller and then install GHUB. Now, should I uninstall everything with geek, then install LGS and then GHUB? And shall both programmes be active at the same time or only GHUB running?
  11. Using GHUB the proposed solution of changing DOR does not work. Quite surprised to see Codemasters just pass on the issue to Logitech when you have the G29 listed as supported wheel??? 😮 I have tried to troubleshoot this issue now for close to 10 hours in total....................... Seems like the problem is that the game (F1 2021) will not send any ffb signals to the wheel (and also no signals for the led rev lights on the G29) As mentioned before, everything is working in all other games, including F1 2020.
  12. Force Feedback (FFB) not working in any game modes, with any car. i.e. game unplayable :-( BEGH-CVEM-ABGP-RSBE PC - Steam, Logitech G29 wheel and pedals All game modes!!! OFFLINE (Wouldn't go online with FFB broken) OFFLINE (Wouldn't go online with FFB broken) Updated wheel drivers/firmware, all is newest version. Reinstalled game. Unplug/replug wheel in game and also while at desktop (via alt-tab). Create and also change between logitech wheel profiles. Basicly attempted all that can be done at this time. Wheel and wheel software is confirmed working with
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