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  1. That´s a bit of a long shot 😛 we've had these issues before. it just happens more often/faster now. I still very much think it's conneciton based. We had a whole race with nothing going wrong the other day where most people including the host were connected by wire (no wifi) Just seems to have gotten way more sensitive with the latest patch. Maybe they should pack an ethernet cable with the next game if it's unplayable without XD
  2. First just do a reroll to the last patch please. You guys just can't afford letting this last weeks. This patch should never. ever. have seen the light of day and the people doing the testing need to start finally doing their job. It has been out for a week now. More than enough time to see how bad it has become. But i made a bug report about this on friday already and it has been thusfar ignored. Also one about the low-rpm glitch that is, amazingly since it's so obvious, still not fixed. Lastly: Multiple people in this thread have asked or implied questions which haven't been
  3. More footage for this issue: https://youtu.be/AOqOOfPDxZA Absolutely race destroying stuff. Please give us the option to turn off penalties for illegal overtakes in multiplayer altogether.. We police that ourselves thank you. The game makes mistakes all the time. Leave it in for ranked if you want with all the risks for unfair stuff like this involved But for unranked and leagues we HAVE to be able to turn off this random bull. (Note that none of the other drivers got a penalty for illegal overtakes)
  4. Can we get a rollback since we have so much issues with desyncs now? Just until this patch is fixed of course. Or is a hotfix coming in the next few days? Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply!
  5. Oh dear. that sounds horrible. Talk about "fixing" stuff the wrong way. I hope a solution is found for you swiftly.
  6. Ghosting is not the answer.. I think ghosting should be disabled across the board because it's too random and it's better if people always know they can't drive through eachother. (as well as giving lapped cars the feeling they do not, in fact, have to gtfo of the way, even though they very much influence cars behind) But regardless of that. the desyncs need fixing. ghosting under sc will fix just symptoms and then add more issues. also when should the ghosting stop? at the line? and then you just keep driving inside someone so you can't unghost and then drive straight through them in
  7. looks weird. Does it do this too without anything plugged into the ps4? wheel/controler/pedal wise? Try to reset your control configs -> change the button for ers to something else. Change ers from toggle to hold and see if that makes a difference.
  8. I mean you can't be serious. But I made bug reports for some of the issues he is surely talking about so we can stop playing games. Is everybody at the office already working on fixing this mess? would be great if the league races next week won't have the issues we're experiencing now. It went from a big disappointment to unbearable. We wanted to do a test race tomorrow to see if, maybe, the game was ready for league racing after the patch but now there's no point at all cause we already know it's gonna be a disaster. So can you indeed please tell us if you guys are 'awar
  9. "more common" meaning, You have to restart 3 times before not half the lobby is desynced and then still people need to reconnect. Didn't see this post before i did my own bug report. but UP UP UP this has to go until we've got confirmation the devs have put everything else aside to fix the mess they made.
  10. It has been 3 months and the most obvious bug in the world is still in the game. A detailed description of the issue. In low revs the engine sound is glitched. Report Code Every report code Platform? PC (but doubt it's only pc) Game-mode? Any mp mode [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. Any amount [ONLINE] Were you the host? Irrelevant [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. I
  11. So to begin with, ever since the last update the amount of desyncs has increased dramatically. Since this wasn't in the patchnotes i'm gonna assume this is not WAD this time but, in fact, a bug. It needs the HIGHEST priority of fixing because league racing right now is downright impossible. Honestly WHO tests the stuff before you throw it out and can they get fired already. A detailed description of the issue. BIG desync issues. cars driving the wrong way in the pits. cars that can't see eachother. Just total chaos really. Takes several restarts to get the lobby into a playa
  12. But the humans are barely playing the game anymore because this is easily the most unstable game of our time when it comes to multiplayer. They should make an effort in fixing that instead of adding more stuff to solo-play so people don't need to race their broken ai anymore.
  13. Come on man how can this be the codemasters response.. They must have been aware for years. What is being done to fix this? Stop acting like they are separate incidents. The game is broken in its core in terms of these desyncs, leaderboards being messed up and the likes. It's atrocious. The game does NOT work. that's the whole point. Look at the damn video again and tell me that the game works. The things you say mostly come down to "multiplayer is hard, just deal with it" but that's just not acceptable for the price we pay every year and with the way they corner the
  14. Well the only actually exciting thing I can think of at this point is a whole lot of bugfixes and multiplayer improvement so I'll start to get my hopes up then?
  15. Please Codemasters heed my cry for help. Slowly (very) but steadily, requested features get added that bring the game closer to where it should be, I'm not talking, of course, about the few hours of fun that the new breaking point mode is, but about valuable additions like the penalties on screen, full saveable replays of the race, and f2 tires not being random anymore. Heck, even league mode might be usable now that you don't force ai on us anymore. So thanks to those at codemasters who are doing the actual work, and don't get distracted by the money people demanding new modes and f
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