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  1. Agreed it was an adjustment at first. Add somme rear down force if you need some help in that corner
  2. Just want to add in my solution. I was having all of the same problems stated in this thread. I solved it throught the drivers. But at first it didn't work. I updated the drivers and like others the thrustmaster control panel lost all of its text when the properties window came up, and the ffb problem wasn't solved in the game. So I went to add remove in windows and completely uninstalled the ffb racing wheel program, which is the thrustmaster driver software. Then I made sure it was gone by rebooting. Then after the reboot, I went back to controllers in the control panel and hit properti
  3. I don't think I follow. Are you saying that if I retire before the session ends naturally, there is an interim "options" screen that I would get before landing on the workstation? I could swear I haven't seen that...
  4. Ya I gotta say I just don't see it. After fp1 finished, I went back and could not seem to find any way of adjusting the length, and couldn't find any settings for ai difficulty. I was also looking for the safety car frequency selection and couldn't find that anywhere either. Do you have more detail on where to make those changes?
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