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  1. A detailed description of the issue. Recently continued my career mode at France, during full race lengths my MFD Tyre Management Window keeps randomly opening. There is no indication of when it may happen nor can I predict it happening in any way. All though I did not get this issue during full length Practice & Qualifying sessions at the same circuit Platform? PC Game-mode? Career What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Restarted the game, unplugged and plugged back in my wheel. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Reme
  2. Same issue on PC but the easier way for me is depending on the car I'm driving. Usually it will indicate when you can activate DRS on the LED on the wheel in game. One blue LED can turn DRS on. Two blue LED's means it's DRS is active.
  3. I had that on PC, easiest way to deal with it is going into OSD editor and turning opacity to Zero.. Which is a bit of a pain..
  4. I know you can in 2020, but I'm struggling to find the option here on 2021. I wanted to stream a full length race but my character has my full name, I just want to change it so it only display first name and first initial of last name. Thanks
  5. Yeah it's definitely a challenge and there is no issue with it, that's what flashbacks are for. I was just very curious if it was just me easing on the accelerator a little to much or the wheels were covered in oil.
  6. Racing in France going through turn 10, in F1 2020 I could easily take that corner in 8th gear flat out but now I seem to struggle and sometimes dropping down to 7th gear and coasting through it. Same with some high speeds turns at Silverstone and Spa, I am just not hitting them with the speed I did in 2020. Just wondering if anyone else has felt or noticed this?
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