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  1. The McLaren seems to need an update. Seems there are missing winglets on the front of the car, just sayin!
  2. I noticed the screen flickering during wet weather racing. I’m guessing this is a bug? Nothing serious just thought I’d bring it up!
  3. I haven't used flashbacks since F1 2015 or 2016 so perhaps I forgot what it is that they do but anyway, I really think there should be a Restart Session option in Grand Prix/Career/My Driver modes for players to toggle. Those who want a more simulation/realism feeling then they can toggle it "OFF" so that when they get involved in an accident that causes terminal damage or have a mechanical failure then the session is over and the player moves on to the next session and those who want to choose to restart the session if they crash or suffer a mechanical issue then they have the option to set
  4. Actually, I tried selecting "Restart Session" and it happened to put me back on the grid to restart the race so I think there's a glitch somewhere :)
  5. Hey all, I just started a career mode in F1 2021, I chose all the settings I wanted and then proceeded to the following sessions in Bahrain. As you can see under "Recovery Mode" I selected "None" which means that flashbacks are automatically disabled because "Flashback Limit" is grayed out. Now I got into an accident that caused terminal damage to my car and what came up? Yup, a flashback, which I do not understand. If the flashbacks are disabled and you get terminal damage, shouldn't that be an automatic retirement? Is this some kind of glitch that will be ironed out in the day 1 rele
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