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  1. ABS off when done right drastically reduces your breaking distance thus making you faster. You can immediately notice how much later you can break if you try it turned off once. Basically, ABS turned on you can never really reach the best possible breaking power because ABS always adjusts it to a level where a lockup is impossible and that's mostly done with a bit of a margin between perfect amount of breaking power and impossible to lock up the wheels.
  2. I get that the general difficulty of the AI is getting slightly increased every game, but this is way out of proportions. On 80% difficulty, the AI is doing 1.10 or even 1.09 laptimes during the race. I understand that in F1 2020, zandvoort used to be more of a weakspot for the AI but even then on 110 difficulty the fastest lap times are around 1.10.5 (see towards the ending of both videos) This is absolutely out of proportion. If you play the game yourself you will notice the AI basically full throttling down turn 8 which is where you loose around 0.5s,
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