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  1. Nope, those are 2 separate cars, both could be used in DR though because the Escort replaced the Cortina in Fords rally program The Mark 1 Escort Mexico And the Mark 1 Lotus Cortina They are both sexy cars!!!
  2. I can't get the url to work but, my #1 choice is the Datsun 240z. This is the one that was in the Safari Rally in the 70's. I think any rally car even if you don't like it should get a fair shot. :wink: I would like to see the Fairlady Z 300 ZX but, we can dream can't we? http://www.nissan-global.com/EN/HERITAGE/datsun_240z_061.html
  3. My three cars. Datsun 240Z Porsche 911 Rally Car Ford Escort MK1 I think its the Cortina?
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