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  1. I've looked there and I'm pretty sure but I just want to know if I'm choosing the correct specific setting
  2. For years I have been selecting names like parry, parish or my first name And the frustrating thing is I'm Martin Brundle has said Paris many times It isn't the end of the world and it certainly doesn't ruin the game But it would just be really nice
  3. Where do I find helmet mix?
  4. I've worked Massa's rating up to 91 and he still is qualifying in the same position as lundgaard
  5. Idk if it's supposed to happen but my car in MyTeam mode is 6th in the car comparison and my teammate (Felipe Massa, so not a bad driver) can't qualify higher than 18th We are quite a bit faster than alphatauri and yuki is qualifying 13th Has anybody else experienced this
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