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  1. Ego dumper also coming back Random shutdowns of game also keep happening Also when autopilot releases me in practice mode, the game freezes for 1 second egodumper.log
  2. As read in other forumm posts I already tried this: - reinstalling game - checking file integrity (50x) - updating all drivers - changing to 60 FPS - lowering all graphs to minimum - turn of asynchronous compute - playing windowed mode - relocating game to another hard drive - reinstalling windows My computer doesnt get warmer than 40°Celcius, all fans are working and I can play other games, including F1 2020 on ultra.
  3. @steviejay69DxDiag has been uploaded
  4. Still waiting for a reply or solution mods?
  5. Damn, sorry to hear that bro.. You can try running it normally but in windowed mode, that also (kinda) worked for me, I guess it's just finding something until CM comes with solutions for us.
  6. RIghtclick F1 2021 in Steam, go to properties and then fill in this under Launch Options:
  7. I played on windowed mode, forced steam to run the game in Direct X 11 and was finally able to finish my first race in 10h of gameplay. It's not a fix, but atleast you can do something, its worth a shot @LFCJoe26
  8. post still says 'awaiting dxdiag' but ive added it? im kinda running out of patience here
  9. After update this is still happening, no more ego dumper, game just shuts down. I'm still hoping to be able to finish atleast one race in MyTeam... EDIT: ego dumpers are back !
  10. egodumper.exe is blocking my download
  11. Report code: MKAP-ATTR-DAKB-MKMG Processor: Intel Core i5 7600 @3.5 GHz Memory: 16GB Mainboard: Asus Strix Z270F Gaming DxDiag.txt
  12. My game just shuts down without warning: sometimes i have the EGO dumper like alot of people but I reckon that will get fixed soon, but sometimes it just shuts down. Report Code: there is no report code to share Platform? PC Game-mode? All game modes, tried them all to make sure it wasnt story mode only What troubleshooting have you tried? My computer is above requirements to play, I tried re-installing, verifying files, rebooting pc, safemode, lowering the graphics, lowering the FPS, disconnecting from internet, also all drivers are up to date & I even cleaned my c
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