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  1. Buy the dlc for 14,99 to play online and You get 4 free drivers for my team! EA sports- its in The game
  2. Codemaster/ea : buy it now with 3 days early acces for only ....! The buyers : can't play online for 13 days. What do we get for compensation. Not a stupid car livery or some pit coins i hope.....
  3. The Netherlands, Gelderland Ziggo/Vodafone 750MBit compal ch7465lg, nat type open Cable cat6
  4. Its day 7 without playing online and coop. When do we see a update so we can play the game how it was sold to us. Alot of things in this game are just wrong The spain track is a cornor wrong compared to the layout where they drivin this year Abu same thing New tracks arent even added where is the aston safety car? Alot of bugs like unbinding buttons, my xsx heats too much and goes off. Same with my fanatec wheel. It doesnt respons anymore and need to unplug the power. Apm doesnt work properly. Then not forget the 15 fps cut scènes from the breaking poin
  5. Lig niet aan jouw. Een hoop mensen hebben hier last van. Ik heb indd nog geen meter online gereden maar betaal wel de hoofdprijs voor pre order.
  6. Got the same problem. Cant join online session. Ws10004, ns7 codes Series x is wired.
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